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Who would have thought this would be a headline: whale watching tours ready to boom in 2020.

If you think about the devastation to the world economy and more locally, the travel and tourism industry in Australia, you’d be somewhat expected to crack open a beer or glass of wine. To wallow in blathering self pity. However, there is a tiny glimmer of hope. Australia has come out of the COVID-19 lock down better than most countries. And this augurs well for some tourism operators.

Whale Watching tours could benefit in 2020…at least for those operators that are still in business. The migration of the humpback whales down the west coast will pick up momentum as they head towards June and into July. Broome whale watching will kick off first, then the Hillarys whale interaction tours and so forth as they slide down towards Albany. Australians can’t travel outside the country and this fares well for some whale watching tour and boat operators as people look to home for things to do.

Whale Watching Tours on Offer

The variety of whale spotting trips are truly fantastic. Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef. Check out this link by travel blogger The Walking Critic. This is where you have actual encounters in the water for those bold enough to put on some snorkelling gear. People are literally known to cry after a closeup encounter with these mammoths and gentle giants of the ocean deep. Yet for others, a whale watching boat cruise is all that’s needed. A short excursion from a local port like Hillarys Habour, Fremantle or Busselton are perfect for all ages.

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