TRUE NORTH Diving Tour Rowley Shoals

The True North is the most famous Kimberley cruise boat in Australia.  She can sleep 36 guests in her 18 amazing staterooms.

Commissioned in 2005, the 49-metre, she is one of the finest expedition cruise ships in the country. She offers three classes of cabin (Explorer ClassRiver Class and Ocean Class)

Join the us for a luxury Kimberley cruise like no other. Immerse yourself in the unspoilt Kimberley Coast where each journey is an eye-opening and spontaneous adventure in comfort and style. The secret is simple. Just unpack your belongings and let the True North do the rest.

Her complement of 20-crew is proudly and passionately all Australian and very much a winning part of her cruise philosophy and your exciting adventures.


  • Snapshot Cruise (7 Nights)
  • Wet Season Adventures (10 Nights)
  • Ultimate Cruise (13 Nights)
  • Rowley Shoals Coral Atoll Cruise (5 Nights)

Other cruise destinations are also available on the amazing True North including West Papua New Guinea and PNG.

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